“I want to see my business not just as a source of income, but as a way to express my love for life and for others.”
 -Cecil O.Kemp Jr.

Welcome to Healing Throughout!  LIFE is BEAUTIFUL..once you experience the joy of it.

Healing Throughout was designed to share our personal life with our online community, family and friends about health & wellness, living the simple life of homesteading/gardening in the desert and  about loving people with the love of The Messiah.  We want to see you walk this road of life with vitality and joy, We understand how important having joy in the midst of life’s traumas. We have walked both roads and choose L’Chaim (LIFE).  We believe life needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. You where created for such a time as this.  Make the most of it.  The lifestyle you choose to live is a reflection of YOU and your DESTINY.   I hope this site can offer you all you need from learning about homesteading, drinking green smoothies and feeding your spirit the Truth and  more.

I believe we were made to THRIVE!   Life was made to LIVE to the FULLEST!   That’s the good news. Unfortunately,the bad news is that we live in a contaminated world that is constantly bombarding us with the toxins and pollutants both internally and externally. We need to constantly make good choices to fight back and ward off  what is being thrown our way. Yet there is HOPE!

Without HOPE, we won’t thrive!   We all need to believe there is a silver lining in the midst of the ashes of life. Scriptures exhorts us , to provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a  mantle of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”  Then people will call them “Oaks of Righteousness,”   “the Planting of the LORD,”  in order to display His splendor.

So know you are loved in more ways than one.  Feeding your body and spirit what it needs will make you soar thru the seasons of your life with power and beauty!

About Mama Bell

The Hebrew root word from which shalom comes means “to be complete, perfect and full” in other words: Nothing Missing. Nothing Broken.”

Having a shalom covenant means having an unbreakable promise of completeness, peace, health, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, fullness, rest and harmony with the God of the universe.

Hello there and WELCOME to our grass root family  health/wellness site, Mama Bell here, as I am called.  I am a wife to an amazing husband and mama of five beautiful children (4 I care for on earth and one who is asleep waiting for his time in eternity), a health nut who is always finding new ways of tending to the scraps and bumps of life, a believer of YHVH our Elohim of the Scriptures. I love His people and our community of friends we have established over the years.

Our family has a small desert homestead (yup), you can garden in the desert, with a few four and two legged critters.  I love my family and snackin on raw chocolate! (if there is any ever left…papa?!?!)  I am down deep into finding ways of tending to my family, whether it is a scrap knee, a bad cold or just needing some extra TLC. Using everything I know from essential oils, homemade yogurt or feeding them a green juice from our backyard garden or local CSA, Abundant Harvest Organics. Life here on this homestead is always on the move!

I started this site after 8 years of  co-coordinating a community co-op/buying club in our area called Bountiful Harvest/Living Baskets. I was so blessed in sharing with others how to live a healthy lifestyle with  our co-op through organic and locally grown food, that I decided to continue on by providing a place online where our community could visit and see the products (many of which)  I  am  excited to be able to offer on our maket place for you to view and enjoy.  Many, if not all, of the products you see at Healing Throughout are vendors and businesses that supported our Co-Op years back.

We are all on a personal journey.

If I can encourage just one who stops to visit to share with them a smile of hope, I have done well for today.

Life is so short. Live it to the fullest and smile along the way.

L’Chaim! (To Life!),

Blessings Mama Bell