Berkey Reviews

“I really like my Big Berkey! I drank distilled water for several years, which tastes great, but is void of necessary minerals. Now, with my Berkey I get healthy, clean water that tastes great, too. In addition, the system looks nice in my kitchen and it’s easy to use. So far I’m very satisfied.”

~Stacy Haas-High Desert


Living in the high desert I have always been concerned about having a reliable source of water for my family. Bottled water has always been an option – but with mountains of plastic bottles waiting to be recycled we thought – there must be something else. We bought a Berkey water filter because it uses no electricity, it’s quiet, portable, filters thousands of gallons of water and honestly? It’s pretty! Whenever we walk past this shiny tower of refreshment – we almost always have a glass! And since it is in a high traffic area we are drinking a lot more water. Really. Good. Water. Love it!”

~Ali-High Desert

We are so thankful to support a local family business and encourage others to do the same. Our Big Berkley has been a blessing to us in providing our family with clean water at home and on our camping trips. Healing Throughout’s customer service deserves the highest praise. They were in constant contact with us throughout the purchasing process and followed up to ensure our satisfaction with the product. We are blessed to have found the online store and will continue to support them in future purchases.

~The Hartley Family-Beaumont

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