Zephy’s Homestead – September Goats & LGD’S

Baruch Ha’Shem Blessed His Name

And that is how it has been this month with many new additions to Zephy’s Homestead. From baby kids to Live Stock pups, we have been a busy family  This is hard work indeed. And I am on the small scale compared to some homesteaders I know.But the JOY of farm life is a dream come true. No matter what scale it is.

So much excitement happening,there is never a dull moment. Tons of extra chores to be done on top of training and feeling animals.  Always moving. Who needs a gym?

The two kidds born where born on Sept. 2 2017 around midnight.  Wake up call from mama as she was in full labor and dropped to kids in a welcoming cheer. A buck, named Dash and a doe named Lila. Both are doing very well, and growing quickly. LIla ended up being the runt of the duo, so my oldest has taken the role as her mama and the bond between them both is too precious. A learning experience for them both. Dash, the buck, is growing fast. Typical boy, who constantly eats and never leaves a drop of leftovers.

Both are up for purchase thru God’s Creatures in Apple Valley. You can reach Elisabeth for details



Mama Doe Matzia from Zephy’s Homestead in Apple Valley CaDaddy Buck from Snowdale Acre Farms in Phelan Ca

Along with new kidds on the block..we added a male Armenian Gampr Livestock Dog to our homestead. Meet Vagr-means Tiger in Armenian.  Serun-means beautiful in Armenian,  our female is adapting to him very well  These TWO as i call them. Two peas in a pod.

 Serun and Vagr being introduced to little Lila. Both are very gentle and are always making sure their family is being cared for

The DUO team!  Standing guard nearby the goat pen

I am very pleased with this breed. Never thought I would ever consider such large dogs for my family Yet the Gampr breed has proven me wrong in their gentle ability for my children and the animals and their fierce protective instincts to out side intruders.(the 2 and 4 legged kind!).  If you are ever wanting to know more about Armenian Gampr LGD see here.

Come Spring 2018, Serun will be breed and pups will be available.  Stay tuned!

Well time to get off this blog and back to the homestead.

Hope you enjoyed my read.

Till I share again. Blessings and Shalom

Mama Bell

Hangin Out in The Studio

As many of you know, my husband was impressed by Our Heavenly Father to start a radio ministry a few years back.  Really? Where? Being a musician at heart, he has always had a drive to do something, anything that is musically inclined. He is a bass player at heart  And after years of band rehearsals, giggin at local events, and church gatherings, he has come to the point in his life where the need to settle down and choose another avenue with music. Now, I don’t mean in stating this that he has chosen to hang up the guitar, sorta speak, he still loves to play, when asked, but being able to do something on a part time scale and at home is worth gold to him.

7 years ago Worship and Word Radio was created. A tiny studio in our garage brings the worship and the word to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Playing music and the Good News of The Kingdom and reaching to the lost sheep of Yis’rael.  Meeting the needs of many who come on the air to a live interview, sharing their story of hope and freedom they have found in Messiah. Reaching millions of people who have other options of listening to the Word and to praise music, but have chosen to pipe in to a little grass root internet radio ministry that speak directly to where they are at. WOW! to be a servant at heart – that’s my husband.

The radio has gone through many changes in the past 7 years, and we have seen the hand of YHWH move in directions like the shifting wind. We just follow along as He leads.

Up to speed to where we are today. WAW Radio now is hosting the Returning to Eden with Dr Dinah Dye and Jeff Morton on Wed at 6pm while still playing music and messages 24/7 through out the week.

Completely donated supported, WAW Radio makes just enough to take care of all the necessary bills it need to run a home studio. Isn’t that like our Creator? We never ask for funds to continue the ministry, yet Abba knows exactly who’s heart to put His radio show on. He leads. We just humbly receive. It is amazing when funds come through “just in the nick of time!”

My husband who is the servant operator he is called, runs this ministry while maintaining a full time job, being a husband and papa to his 5 children, homeschooling his children (especially in the math department!). He has trained our oldest daughter how to engineer and run the live shows, just in case he ges called in to work. She has done a fine job being a young radio engineer!

This past Wed with the recording of Returning back to Eden show, I was impressed to hang out with him in the studio. I normally don’t, being that it is recorded right during our dinner time. But this time i felt a nudge to do so. Having no idea who are guest was going to be, I grabbed a chair and listened on in.  Our guest was Dr Chris Greene and his new book God’s Healing Codes speaking on health, nutrition, and Hebrew lifestyle. What a show! Fabulous!  It was nice to see some familiar faces on screen as we had fellowship and shared the many true health principals from the Word of Elohim.

I hope you will enjoy these photos I took of the gang.

It was a refreshing and enjoyable time with everyone old and new.

Here are a few sites to check out of the many guest during our show!

Healing Throughout

Foundations In Torah

Worship and Word Radio

God’s Healing Codes

Enjoy the photos below.I sure did taking them!

Shelom Be happy and healthy!

You worth it

Mama Bell


All About Produce

Tuesday on at Zephy’s Homestead are beyond packed with all sorts of projects and scheduled events. With life at the homestead,  being a mama, schooling my children, working on business, I just had to get my hands in another project.  Well, those who know me, know I have a hard time “letting go!” Especially to things that not only benefit our family, but the community as well!

Many of you know that we had a community served co-op, called Bountiful Harvest that lasted, oh, 8 plus years in the High Desert.  It was the best 8 years of my life!  Well..one of the best. Getting married and having children are on the top of the list.  And of course surrendering to The Creator is tip top of the list!

I have always wanted to keep part of the co-op going by ordering case produce for a few of my close friends that I know would be blessed and appreciate the quality and freshness of organic produce. Mind you, this is not grocery shopping mentality. This is large volumes of produce that can be a bit overwhelming for some, but to those of us who have a high raw diet, or in my case juice fasting, buying bulk is the way to go. Plus the middle man is removed, and it is farm-to-consumer.

With so many ways I choose to feed and offer them healthy organic options, I need multiple sources to get my food! Gardening is the best and purest way, but sometimes having to wait until harvest can make tummies grumble a bit longer than needed. So with our AHO High Desert Box shares and now produce case ordering, my shelves and frig and well stocked and full to over flowing.

Mamas, like me thrive when our children and home are well in abundance. To open up the frig and see and over flowing of bountiful beauty and life, give this mama a good heart feeling inside. I am happy to know I am investing in the health of my children and family homestead for the years to come. I am eternally grateful to The Creator for blessing me a few good friends who such beauty in life giving foods you can see below,. The pictures don’t do justice. Seeing and tasting the real thing, can make any mouth water!

Enjoy the photos below.

This is what came today in our Produce Club delivery. Lovely isn’t it?

Have an amazing joyfully filled day!

See all my AHO peeps this afternoon with a selection of organic produce from above to purchase if you so choose to!

AHO High Desert Info Flyer

Shalom, Mama Bell

Potato Beds and Mine Craft

Yes, you read the title right, Potato Beds and Mine Craft. Let me share the story of how my son and I did the old barter and trade.

About a month ago, a seed company donated live potato plants for our community garden. I didn’t have the best place to put them in my raise beds, and I knew they needed to go in the ground quickly. My garden isn’t that big, but I work with what I have with an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude. I LOVE to garden, folks.

Last week, when I went for a walk with a friend and noticed one of the homes on our street was for sale. In the front yard, I saw a bunch of cinder blocks and wooden polls just laying out in the sun. I knew exactly what I could use them for. I called the realtor and asked if the owner needed them and she messaged me on Facebook and said, “Come and get them!”  With the help of my older children, we headed over, and loaded up the back of the truck with my gold mind! Talk about a kid in a candy store.

My husband and my older boy used the polls to rig a shade cloth over my herb garden. The shade cloth was also a gift, so it cost me nothing! That’s the real the way to garden on a homestead!

As for the cinder blocks, I planned to use them for my potato beds. But cinder blocks are heavy, as you probably already know. So I decided to ask my middle boy if he wanted to help with the building in exchange for extra time on Mine Craft.

Now, I won’t go into a rant about Mind Craft, but I will say that I would prefer my children to frolic outside rather than play with digital characters on a screen. But my boy enjoys it, and so I let them play in the afternoons. They have a set time which my husband and I have agreed upon. But my boy is always asking me what he can do to “earn” extra time.

So when I offered this work-for-play exchange, he readily agreed! He did most of the work, and what a fabulous job he did! And his reward? An extra 30 minutes of Mine Craft. He is one happy little man.

PS The BONUS? .ALL FREE!!! What a blessing!

Shalom to you,

Mama Bell

P.S. What are you growing this year? Leave a comment below!

Coming Soon // handknitts by m.s.

One of the things we love most at Healing Throughout is supporting local businesses. And so we’re excited to give you a sneak peak into our newest feature – Handknitts by m.s.! They are 100% hand knitted, soft and strong, made with high-quality yarn that is 85% cotton, 15% polyester.


They are going to be available for purchase soon, so here’s just a sneak-peak at the sizes and prices.


Sizes + Specifications:

– Bath cloth: approx. 8 x 9″ – $2.50 ea.
– Face cloth: approx. 5.5 x 5″ – $6.00 ea.






Leave us a comment below, and let us know what you think!



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How to: Plant and Care for Succulents

Hope you’re all having a lovely May! These photos below show the newest additions to Zephy’s Homestead. Succulents! We got the cuttings from a friend, and we’re all anxious to see how they do. We planted them on Friday, and some of the leaves haven’t begun to sprout roots yet.

And since we’re all a bit new to the succulent world, I though it would be fun to research and put together a little guide for all of you. If you’re new, trust me, succulents are so easy! Just a little water, soil, and sunshine. : )

Succulents plants have thick, fleshy leaves and stems, adapted to storing water. They thrive in warm, dry climates, but very few species can tolerate freezing temperatures. Succulents are the kind of plants that inspire endless ideas for your garden, whether indoor or outdoor.

These are a few tips we found for keeping your succulents happy. : – )

1. Succulents need well-draining soil. This ensures that they won’t become overly moist. (We used a mixture of sand, potting soil, and peat moss to plant ours.)

2. You don’t need to water succulents as often as you would think. Succulent roots will actually rot if they are kept too moist. Let the soil dry out in-between waterings; but when you water, water thoroughly. Once the plant is firmly established, you can water even less.

3. Succulents need very little fertilizer, since they are slow-growing plants.

4. To keep the leaves from burning, place your succulents in the shade during the hottest part of the day.


And here are some ways we found to display those cute succulents! : )


#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9

– Mama Bell


What are Succulents?

Propagating Succulents from Leaves

How Not to Kill Your Succulents

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Growing Things

I truly enjoy Spring time on our homestead. The trees are blooming, babies are being born, and I choose to see green happen. Living in the desert can be tough when it comes to growing and having a garden; the elements make it hard to keep things alive. With lack of water, or the expense of city water, your romaine could just end up being the price of a diamond nugget. (well that’s a bit far-fetched, but you get where I am coming from)  I work hard to see life happen during this season. It makes me joyful and full of life to see things grow into a soon harvest.

Life on Zephy’s Garden Homestead has been busy this year. With caring to the daily duties and chores I have, keeping my seedlings and veggie starters happy  and alive takes time. (Yes, I do talk to my starters :)  They say it works, and by the pictures below, well you decide! My garden beds are doing very well. And I am looking forward to some amazing food come summer.

Every year for the past, oh I say five, I have been offering my seedlings  to our high desert community. Usually alongside our AHO pickup. Every Tuesday our Apple Valley members met at Desert Feed and pick up their produce boxes. Desert Feed has been so very kind to our family to allow us to have our AHO pickup at their business along with my starter plants at the shop. Come by and visit us!

Here are some of the photos of my seedlings and starters beginning to take life and soon to be food for many families including ours.

Aren’t these beautiful?! I love to see green life grow. Us desert folks don’t see enough of it.

Also for those of you who are in our High Desert community, consider participating with AHO -High Desert. Seasonal boxes from CA farmers.

And I have some good news!! Our mini-Nubian doe “finally” got pregnant! Boy has this been a year for her. With all the bucks she has at her beckon call, she just wouldn’t give in. So, then comes Sparky – a Nigerian buck, courtesy of Snowdale Acre Farms The romance began and kids should arrive early fall. Which means GOAT MILK soon! Oh, have we been waiting a long time!

Life will always be busy. This society is constantly racing and running at full speed. The old saying “stop and smell the roses” needs to be practiced more. I guess you can say I “stop and ground in the dirt.”

Thanks for enjoying life with us at Zephy’s Garden and Homestead


Mama Bell

Busy on The Homestead-Preparation Day

Every Friday, here at Bell Homestead, we are busy preparing for the Sabbath and one of our many chores is ours animals and garden. I used to have our family clean the stalls and tidy up on Sunday, but I decided to change things up a bit, (as seems I to do much of), and make our Homesteading Work Day the day before Sabbath.

One of the reason is to Honor His Day and to REST,and not be over loaded with work. That is why the day BEFORE  Sabbath is called Preparation Day We work so much during the week and have our hands in many fires, sometimes literally,, and I would rather have Sabbath be a day of REST for us all. Even our four and two legged critters. Now mind you, if their water is low in their trough or an aminal is injured, I will make sure they are taken care of. Kinda like the “donkey in the ditch”

The Creator gave us specific instructions in The Torah for us to “shema” hear and obey.  Let me back it up with Scripture..

John 14:21
Whoever has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me. The one who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and reveal Myself to him.” 1 John 5:3
For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome,

Exodus 20:8-11

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

The list goes on..GOOGLE  it..I just did! :) As Torah disciples of the Messiah. I choose to honor Him in the way He instructed. It is a joy to do so.

Well back to the blog here:

So today was no exception. We pruned trees, cleaned stalls, gathers eggs, tended to the garden and even played with the dog. Well Serun, our Armenian Gampr LGD always gets petted and played with..a bit spoiled, should I say.?

It was a busy and productive day. Now comes the Sabbath rest, much needed after this family together worked hard!

Shabbat Shalom to those of you who choose to honor The King!


Shalom, Mama Bell

My youngest got busy with cleaning and sweeping stalls..Look at them cute feet!

Making sure Barucha and Matzia bedding was well tending to for the coming night. And a little hay snack was a added treat!

Fresh eggs from this mornings gathering!

Credit where credit is due. Our laying hens. THANK you ladies!

Life spring forth..Future Spring garden cabbage.

Papa Bell trimming our orchard of Jujubee trees.

Hard working man. Cute too!

Oh, and did I mention CHOCOLATE? Well, that is our Sabbath desert!

If you missed our Shalom Pod Cast with Snowdale Acres, here is your opportunity to listen.




High Desert Farm Life!

MULTI-TASKING Love this …HUMAN multitasking.

Definition is as follows:

Human multitasking is an apparent human ability to perform more than one task, or activity, over a short period. An example of multitasking is taking phone calls while typing an email and reading a book. Multitasking can result in time wasted due to human context switching and apparently causing more errors due to insufficient attention. Studies have shown that it is impossible to focus on more than one task at a time. However, if one is proficient at one of the tasks at hand, then it is possible to do these tasks.

Well,I have to say..this is ME! Being a wife and mom, carrying many hats, I sure fit the bill of this definition. I didn’t realize there was a “human” side of multitasking. But, google says there is! LOL!  And honesty, I like being busy! I feel like I am accomplishing tasks at hand.

Other than health and wellness, homesteading is a true joy for me. I have to say I am ADDICTED!  When I was younger,my only animal friend I had was a gold fish. Far from homesteading, I took care of that fish till its last days. A very proud pet owner

Now, I have a beautiful set up of my four legged friends at our desert homestead. Well, chickens I guess would not be in the four legged category, but they are sure cute critters! And I do enjoy them!

With homesteading you met some neat like minded people. And this recent Shalom Pod cast with a dear sister, Ali Snowdale of Snowdale Acres, is one of my favorite interviews. I adore Ali, or as we call her Mrs. Snowdale. She is not only a homesteader, but a true friend indeed. I hope you all enjoy our Shalom Pod with Snowdale Acres.


Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds…

What an amazing winter we are having.  It sure feels like this year has been one of the coldest and wettest seasons we have had in a long, long  time  And The RAIN..oh, The RAIN….I am so thankful for the RAIN!  That may sound trivial, but for us Californians, we are surely thrilled,we got rain and plenty of it!  I know this Mama for sure is, No complaining here!

We have been in need of a wet winter due to the long drought our state has had. With water restrictions and limits on how much water your garden can have, my prayer is that this recent rain will give us homesteaders and gardeners some much need water and an enjoyment in gardening again. It is hard when you are limited, it can take the joy of seeing life appear. Yet I am thankful!

Do you know that we should never curse the rain or say anything negative about it?  Those words can and will come to pass in time. Scripture exhorts us to

If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them;Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Leviticus 26:4-5

The Creator made rain for our advantage, to  nourish and to clean the land.  Rain is a blessing!  A refreshing time of newness. to clean out the impurities that we breathe and to make the land clean and new. I am thankful we have had a WET season.

I am also very excited about my garden this year. I was blessed to have seeds donated to our community garden that we are hoping to start up again this year. Not sure on how big or small of a scale we will have, whether raise beds or rows, but I do know it will be something. And something special indeed!

Look at them seeds I got! Now, if that isn’t a favor from My Heavenly Father.  I am humbled and blessed by both Baker Creek Heriloom Seeds and High Mowing Organic Seeds for their donation to our community garden. I am just in awe of what came my way in a package just this past week.

I hope to plant some beautiful beds and rows of edible greens, squash, herbs, lettuce and more! Some of the seeds I have never even heard of. Those will be fun to  plant with my children.

Enjoy the photos of our blessed seeds

Happy Spring Gardening…

Lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce..

Of, course, GMO FREE Seeds!

Some new variety to plant this year…..an interesting seed, isn’t it?

The famous summer cucumber….We love our cukes!

An airplane view of the variety sent to us. Just  makes your mouth water and brings about a happy dance!  Ya, I am weird!


Feast of Tabernacles 2016

The Feast of Tabernacles in one of the “pilgrimage” festivals listed in Leviticus 23 in the Judaeo-Christian Bible.  Besides ‘Feast of Tabernacles’, the festival goes by a number of other names: Feast of Booths, Sukkot (Hebrew for ‘booths’), Feast of the Nations, and of course The Season of Our Joy!

This festival looks back at the forty year period of time when the Israelites lived in the wilderness of Sinai.  During that time the Hebrew people were isolated from the rest of the world in an almost “millennial” setting.  They could see the Presence of God dwelling in their midst. He covered them daily with His cloud, and at night He warmed them with His fiery presence.  During their 40 year “wilderness experience” their needs were taken care of, neither their shoes nor their clothes wore out, and they were judged righteously in accordance to God’s Torah by Moses and the judges.

The Feast of Tabernacles also looks forward to the 1000 year Messianic Kingdom when Yeshua will be dwelling in, and ruling from Jerusalem.  It will be a time when all the nations learn of the great things that happen when people follow the ways of the God of Israel.  As a consequence, shalom (peace) will spread out from the Great City and will eventually encompass the whole world.

A Wilderness Experience:  God’s people are called to observe all of His festivals – Passover, Pentecost, and of course – the Feast of Tabernacles; but during the fall festival of Sukkot, we are also instructed to dwell in “booths”.  Dwelling in booths – little huts that are nothing more than temporary shelters – reminds us that like Abraham, we are “sojourners” in this world; and so for this 8 day period we are to separate ourselves from that world.  The Feast of Tabernacles is to be our yearly “wilderness experience” where we can commune with God and each other in as much of a “millennial” setting as possible.  In a sense, it’s our opportunity to “go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob . . .” so that He can “teach us His ways” whereby we can better “. . . walk in his paths“.  (Isaiah 2:3)


Our family, including 6 other families just returned from 8 days of Sukkot at a nearby campground. It was an amazing time of fellowship, joy, laughter (boy, did we do plenty of that!), bible study, campfires with kosher marshmallows, bike riding,dancing (and I brought my flags which I danced with) and just plain ole fun!  This is our 5 years of celebrating Feast Of Tabernacles at it is also called, yet only the last three have we spend with an amazing group of people who are choosing to pull away form the normality of life within the church and seek the Father with all our hearts. We are tight-knit group that has a desire to do what Scriptures says. Do we all agree at times, nope, but the common thread of YHVH’s love prevails.

It is good to be back home after sleeping in a temporary dwelling for 8 days with the last two of the days with rain.  But I have to admit, I do miss the technology free environment, gathering with my family and friends, late nights at the campfire, no set schedule, no phone ringing and checking for messages (although when we got home, my inbox was slammed), just simple life living.  I know that this is just a temporary set up for the final production in eternity.  So for now, I’ll deal with the bug bits, leaky tents and burnt bread for the sake of being obedient to the TORAH and my love for the Father and the Messiah.

Till then, here are some of our pictures to enjoy on how we celebrated this commanded Moedim (feast).


Our Sukkot Tent..We had two of them. One for my husband and three children and then the other for my eldest daughter who wanted her OWN dwelling


One of our families set up camp right in front of us with lights and the works. Isn’t that beautiful?


Shabbat mid-day study time. We talked about the parables and celebrating His feast by the moon.  So cool to be able to just share how The Father has revealed to us how to celebrate His feast by how we believe we are to. We are all on a journey to do our best while on earth It was so freeing to just be ONE body with no one “leading it” and just discuss.


Blessings for the children. Yup that is ME, I was instructed by my husband to be included!


One body, one table to break bread and a campfire to keep us all warm.


Some of the finest ladies of this years Sukkot. Love these gals!


And of course, OUR men who where our covering in so many ways during the 8 days! Amazing men of YAH!


And of course, the Air-Soft Team, who without them, our campsite would be in ruins!


The famous crew of ducks and geese and the lake.They made sure we welcomed them when we visited the playground with the children

Sukkot 2016 and amazing time with amazing group of people who I call “family”

Blessings and Sweet Shalom

Mama Bell



Bell Adventures – Pistachio Harvesting

Our family loves to barter and trade. Well, let’s just say Mama Bell LOVES to barter and trade. My family also reaps the benefits. This adventure was no exception.

Monday I got a call from a sister-friend of ours who wanted to know if our family would be interested in harvesting organic pistachios in exchange for harvesting. We would receive 40% of what we gathered. Come on now, you think I had to think about it. Nope, this Mama jumped on board, and said a BIG YES!

I have known Old Pass Assembly for years, even before our family learned about Torah and following the Messiah. I became friends with a beautiful family who spent Shabbat at their congregation for years and always wondered why she called Jesus Yaheshua.  Go figure, right?  We stayed in contact with this family and would visit Old Pass when they had health events at their fellowship hall. One particular time was when Paul Nison had spoken about health and he had just come into Torah after his years of being a raw foodist.  I was intrigued. At the time I was on a 100% raw diet (and currently I am high raw) and didn’t want to miss this one. So I went and history started.

I became friends with many of the congregation and staff including Paul Nison and still to this day. Now full circle as we are following Torah and the Father’s way, our relationship with these beautiful families are so much more meaningful since we “saw the light.”

Back to the phone call. After my excitement mellowed out from saying yes, we planned a day to visit Old Pass and their beautiful homestead farm to begin pistachio harvesting. These folks are on board. Many of them are the older generation so our youngins were able to complete harvesting the entire orchard. We had our work cut out for us! Mama and Papa Bell didn’t do so bad either. Just needed to take a few breaks here and there. The kids did spectacular!

We started early to beat the heat, and harvested until way past noon. Got our dose of Vitamin D, that might last us a few days. We were sure tired after harvesting at least 15 trees! But, it was a GOOD, healthy tuckered out. We all slept very well that night. Being off the internet and no cell phone coverage was an added benefit.

I have to say this farming business (which, mind you, I am no where near), is WORK!  I may have a few trees, three goats, chickens, and live-stock dog, but that is nothing compared to what I have seen families care for. Old Pass is a larger scale farm, and the work that our family did was a great lesson to us. Homesteading is A LOT of work. But look at how you are providing for your family and how you are experiencing the joy of being able to raise your own food. Big scale, small scale is doesn’t matter. Get a passion for this kind of lifestyle – you wont go back!

So there, we harvested our FIRST pick and got two 5-gallon buckets of fresh TRULY RAW organic pistachios! For the second harvest, which we have already committed to come and do again, we will get 60% of the harvest. Not bad for us youngins eh? And the cool thing about this adventure is that, our family will have a memory to look back on. And the fun we had in being together is worth more than gold, well worth more than pistachios. LOL


These where the buckets we harvested and our 40% worth! NICE!

DSCF6767All organic TRULY RAW Pistachio tree..Lovely!

DSCF6750It is amazing how this powerful super food is protected in an outer skin, keeping the moisture in for a sweet tasting nut


Beautiful photo shot….All these lovely pictures where taken by my eldest daughter.who is studying photography

DSCF6768Monkey son in a tree.


Tarps had to be placed around the base of the trees, so when we “gently shacked” the branches and leaves of the tree, the nuts would fall on ground being caught on the tarp.


A process of layers of skin to get thru to enter the “meat of the nut” We ate so many of these. Oh, my they where so good!


Raw pistachio ice cream, here we come…

Enjoy the pictures!

Scripture for the Day 1 John 5:1-5

Blessings and favor from Above

 Mama Bell k12929142


Flowering on the Homestead

Homesteading is A LOT of work. Early mornings and late nights preparing to tend to the outside world in your backyard. Well that is your TYPICAL homesteader. This mama is opposite. Late mornings, yawning as I milk our mini Nubian goat, hair all in a mess, children bopping around finding their latest Lego project in shambles, and no breakfast made till late afternoon. Well…give or take a few here and there!

I am not a get up and go when the rooster calls this homesteading mama. I have a variety of hats I wear. Running a small business, schooling my children, tending to the ins and outs of a busy family, gardening and pulling weeds, and so much more!  Be nice to start my day early, but with my current health I  am still not on board with a morning jump start, I ease my self into my day and start as best as I can.

Having a large clan here, is a BIG help!  All hands on deck. Although am I small compared to some of my Midwestern friends, even the little homestead we have surely keeps us busy!  There is always something to do.  Boredom is not an option here.

I am enjoying this years gardening. It has taken off very well. In spite of the water shortage (don’t get me started!) the Father has provided a way to make up for the difference. As you can see from these pictures below, everything looks healthy and lively!

I am currently looking for a someone to offer these beauties in exchange for herbal remedies or other homemade items. I am hoping to work with a few locals in our area to provide them organic herbs from starters. I have a lot more  planned for my herbal garden, and I am excited to get started late summer. Currently we are offering our herbs at the AHO pickups in our area.

DSCF4365Hyssop has begun to flower. I can’t wait to dry this herb.


Family favorite here…Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate.  A true beauty.


Com fry (a medicinal herb) is doing fabulous. Makes a great poultice.


Of course, the most popular herb of all…lovely lavender.

DSCF4376  Had to get a second photo of this beauty…lavender.DSCF4379

Our melons are coming up strong. Gonna have a BIG late harvest.


Found one this morning for a late breakfast. It was amazingly sweet!


Last years seedlings popped up for an early squash pumpkin harvest.


My 10 year old and I decided to grow gourds we can turn into birdhouse when they are harvested and dried. I saw some amazing pictures and they are beautiful!  Looking forward to this future project.

This was taken this past fall when our spring mix was amazing and so tasty!  I am hoping to grow them again in our green house.



Sunflowers are always part of our garden homestead.  I so enjoy the beauty of this beast! My neighbors know when we are gardening when they see the flowers bloom.

Our home has a seasonal landmark!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share with you our little family homestead!

Till then,

Shalom, Mama Bell

Bell Homestead // Newest Arrival!


Top of the Day to Ya!

Oh, has the Father given us favor this week!  Welcome little Sarah to our family homestead. She was born June 29th 2016 and a trooper she is.  This was our female, Barucha’s and our first kidding and she (we) honestly not sure what was going on. Being a first time mama (I understand those days), it took some adjustments on us both   The birth was beautiful and full of life.  That is the good news.

The sad news is that my expectation of what I envisioned didn’t happen. Talk about a vortex of flashback from 4 years ago when I gave birth to my son, Zephaniah and I didn’t expect his passing.  It brought back a tremendous amount of memories, most of them not good.  This was a emotional time for me and although 4  years have gone by, I felt with Sarah’s birth (which was named by my youngest) and I was transferred back in time.

Baruch a didn’t take well to her Sarah. She didn’t want much to do with her even to feed her. Not sure what went wrong, and for me, that was difficult. .The eb and flow of nature just doing it thing,had to be intervened with us stepping in to feed. I have had to have a mindset change and look at the big picture here, that Sarah need food how ever she gets it. And, boy is she!

Baruch a will let her nurse, but makes it difficult with kicking and literally sitting down when it is time for feed. NOT! Well, we have to let her know that is not just not that way it goes. So we need to hold her up to get little Sarah underneath. Each day, it is getting better, kinda! Thank Abba this is only for 6-8 weeks, right?

Intervening  and bringing Sarah over for her feedings and bottle feeding has been very time consuming, but spending these next few weeks with my daughter is a blessing. I am tellin ya,this little girl is sure getting plenty of attention.

The entire time, Baruch a was giving birth and upon arrival of Sarah, I just held back the tears of mixed emotions and prayed for life to come forth. And The Father was faithful to me and my family in blessing us with a beautiful baby kid. These pictures where taken by our in house photographer. And she captured Sarah beautifully in these photos.

How can you  not say CUTE!!!!!!

We are very thankful and grateful The Father has given us favor with this precious new addition of life. One can learn so much with the birth of animals. Goodness, we have learned ALOT with the birth of ALL 5 of my children.  It has given us hope that LIFE truly is a GIFT from The Father.  We need to cherish this precious time we have on planet earth. It can be taken so quickly. So much of it is a reminder of my birth with Zephaniah. A bitter sweet moment.  That will have to be a blog post later on.

Hope you enjoy what you can only see in pictures. We, get to enjoy it here at Zephy’s Homestead, the real thing!

Shalom, Mama Bell

DSCF38302 copy

Just a couple of days old here. Holding up on her own!

She loves her cold, frozen water bottle!  Keeping her cool, with our VERY HOT desert heat.

DSCF38192 copy

Those wobbly legs making their way thru and around the goat pen she calls home

Life is precious and I thankful for the life I have.


DSCF3875 copy

Zinna flower springing up in my herb garden




Enjoy this sweet video of Sophia my boys bunny, She just had to be the actress on camera. You’ll see. Watch till the end!


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Spring on the Homestead

It has been a while since I have blogged, goodness, it has been a long while.  Life has been busy with the daily mandates of being a mom, wife, homesteader and follower of the Messiah.  Being pulled in many directions can make your feel very overwhelmed. Trying to be ALL for everyone isn’t what I am called to do. And sometimes, I sure do try.  I can put a band-aid on a scratched knee, BUT Abba heals the wound.  I can have  a flourishing garden, BUT Abba sends the rain. I know My Heavenly Father won’t give me more than I can handle, yet at times it feels like the load is too much to bare.  Then I know I am doing A LOT on my own strength, and I won’t get very far. I feel exhausted and down right grumpy.  So, I humble myself, repent and start all over again, hopefully getting it right this time.

We have been thru much as a family this past year and the journey is never dull.  We just recently got over this crazy flu cold thing and I am telling you it WIPED us out for about 2 weeks. Then hubby gets it and thankfully just after he worked his shift for the week.  Life for this mama was not fun being sick. Not only was my home in turmoil, from not being clean, but caring for my children when I am not well makes me serve ten times harder. Between Vitamin C, essential oils and colloidal sliver, the best thing we did is SLEEP.  Our bodies know what to do if given the chance.

I am also going thru a emotional weekend coming up soon May 8-10. I have to say I am not looking forward to this three day weekend.  It sends me into an emotional roller coaster, and with my current health issues, I am not sure how to deal with it all. I’ll have to blog a post after the wave has passed.

With spring time here, gardening has begun. From purchasing seeds to tilling the land in our raised beds, our hands and fingernails have shown our busyness!  Dr Axe’s new book Eat Dirt, has definitely visited our home in more ways than one. Gotta get him on Shalom Pod here soon. More on that later.

I have started my seeds in doors this year a bit earlier than last. Seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers. peppers and tons of variety of herbs. I am hoping for a BIG harvest this year. Not that having melons in Oct. isn’t fun, but it is nice to be on some kind of track with seasonal eating. We did put watermelons and cantaloupe in the ground, and I am looking forward when those baby’s begin to pop up from under the soil. Now we just need Abba to send down the rain, a much needed ingredient for a bountiful harvest;

My herb garden has taken off like a gem.  It is amazing how GREEN they are in spite of the drought!  YHVH has proven Himself 100x over with allowing me to enjoy my herb garden. I have offered a variety of herbs to our Abundant Harvest customers and that has been a joy. Come out next time if you are local to our area and take a peak of what I have. He knows this blesses me, and the life it produces, which about this time of year it means more to me than words can express. And I truly love to bless people with what I grow!

Our goat Barucah is to kid this June. Well we hope so.  We had her checked out, just yesterday by our goat shepherdess Ali Snowdale of Snowdale Acres, and she was a bit perplexed in wondering if she took. NOOOOOO!!! I said. That means waiting again for goats milk. We have been through a waiting period of having our own goats and our own milk.  Well, another patience lesson to learn from. It will be a beauty to see once she does kid! And our family is sure looking forward to it! Especially, that goat milk!

Goats and kiddings are a new thing here for us and we are thrilled to have some new four legged additions to our homestead. Serun, our Armenian Gampr livestock dog, is doing very well. GROWING to say the least. 60 lbs at 6 months..that is a very BIG puppy She will reach her max weight at about 126 lbs and be a beauty of a beast. See here for more information on Armenian Gampr dogs.

She definitely has her OWN personality and it is starting to show as she grows.  She is a sweet heart and we all adore her. A bit testy lately, but that will all be well with consistent training on our part.  She will be a very well rounded livestock dog!

I hope you enjoy this blog post. It was a joy to write. I do miss it and hope to get back on the swing of it all soon again!

Till then,

Hugs and Shalom

Mama Bell

All the photos you see below where done by my lovely and beautiful daughter, Shay Photography!

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DSCF0480salad - editedDSCF0485 DSCF0491 - edited comfrey - edited herbs3 - edited herbs2 - edited

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Homestead Happenings


Spring is upon us and life is starting to bring forth a new.

We have been busy around here on the Healing Throughout Homestead.  Much has been happening,so I thought I would catch you all up to date.

Here goes…fast forward in time.

We finally got our new Armenian Gampr pup, a little girl named Seron,

which in Armenian means beautiful, and that she is.  Shipped all the way from the green pastures of an Armenian farm,to LAX and  her first pit stop in Phelan, California to get acquainted with farm living in the high desert at Snowdale Acres.  Her male friend Havoz is living at Snowdale Acres, the same farm we got our nigerian/nubian cross goats. Which one, by the way, is expecting this summer!.

A truly remarkable dog, and incredibly smart, Armenian Gampr dogs are an exceptional breed with so much to offer a homestead, farm and family. For more informtaion on Armenian Gampr visit http://www.gampr.org/  You will be truly blessed.

We are now in training session with her to get her instincts to drive in the herd and protect our goats, chickens and property. So far so good!  She is also being leashed trained to be in our home and by our side. She has done very well in that part of her training.

20160219_110727 (1)

 We where able to work with Good Dog Charlie to get an assessment on her,

and she passed with flying colors, although since she is a puppy, her puppyness took over, yet I was impressed, she did as well as she did. Too cute, I might add!

download (1)

My husband and I are working together

on a few business to share about health and wellness and praying it will supplement for our family.  We are learning A LOT about Network Marketing.

Man, if we would of applied this vital information way back when, well, let’s just say, life would of been way different for us financially,way different.  That’s okay, YHVH (God) knows what He is doing.  Never too later to start up something new, or is that old?


We are  still actively involved as host to the high desert with Abundant Harvest Organics with our community.

After coordinating a Co-Op Buying Club for 8 years called Bountiful Harvest, Abundant Harvest Organics (AHO) fell right into place  We enjoy supporting local farmers, especially those in CA.  It helps the farmers out and of course our family needs and the local community.. For more information, please visit us and sign up for a local  pickup for the high desert.


We are also planning on being a team as Health Coaches and guiding people to an abundant life of optimal health and wholeness.

Let the school bell ring!  Classes are now being  held for my husband and I in becoming certifed health coaches.  There is a lot of information to process and learn as we implement these business alongside the classes we will be taking together to to give our community, friends and family a knowlegde based approach and options to choose from to guide them to better  health.. We will share later on in blog post to come about what those businesses are, how schooling is going and what we are learning..  In the meantime, check out our home page and take a preview peak of what The Healing Throughout Team businesses are about-and more!


To find our more about one of the Networking Business i am pursing,

join me for a FREE online webinar TOMORROW at 6 pm  Follow the link here


And of course  we are still in the thick of parenting our young ones and soon to be adults.

Sometimes it is hard to juggle all that has been entrusted to us as parents, yet the Father has given us a measure of grace, mercy and faith. As older parents (my husband and I both, are 1 year shy of turning 50-did i just type 50?!), and raising a brew of different personalities and ages sure can be challenging when you are an older parent. Not difficult, just challenging. When we fall short, and our patients runs thin, I have to remind myself that, I too, can be impatient also. The Father is so gracious to us, and He teaches so much thru our children, if we would  just listen and allow the joys of parenting to come back after a season of darkness and loss.


There is so much more I would love to share, yet I will save it for another blog post.  That way I have a reason to come back and blog again.   Keeps me on my toes or is that fingers!

Till we meet again,

Baruch (Blessings) and Shalom(Peace) in all you do!

Mama Bell





Back Yard Beekeeping-Desert Goldmine

Our family here at Healing Throughout just recently visited a High Desert Back Yard Bee Keeper that was referrred to us by a farm friend, Rowena of Moonstruck Farms.  We had the pleasure of meeting a nugget in the high desert that has an amazing raw local honey available to our community. I chalked this up to a family field trip and off we went, notebook in hand to learn about bee keepin.



Nestled in Phelan of the High Desert is the home of Glenn our backyard bee keeper.  You wouldn’t think of it from the front entrance this guy is making a goldmine of honey.  His set up is of high sanitary and his property if a festive of sorts of decor from old rustic antiques to a tiny home that serves his shop and office.(all made by himself)  I really like the set up he has, the tiny home office is a welcoming sight for anyone who sees.

A colorful home for bees.


The honey is gathered from the several bee hives he has set up on his property and this guy is the real deal.  No slipping thru the cracks here. He is on it when it comes to the finest of honey I have tasted. And I have tasted a lot in the years of serving our community thru bulk group buying!


Bright colored bee boxes to keep the bees happy and honey filled!


Purest and its finest!

We are currently taking orders for a 2 gallon bucket of pure local  honey. This  honey is raw, not pasteurized local of course and taste incredible! If you are in our neck of the desert, you can contact me here for details on how you can get on the list

Till then,

Shalom and hugs,

Mama Bell




Raw Persimmon Cookies

Hello Autumn!

For the past few weeks our family has been getting persimmons from our Abundant Harvest boxes. They took a week or so to ripen, and suddenly we had a huge bowl full of really ripe persimmons. I couldn’t find a recipe online with the ingredients that I had in the house. The solution…make my own!

I must admit, these turned out pretty good. My kids loved them so much that there where none left over the next day.

Raw Persimmon Cookies (makes 15-25 cookies)


  • 4 TBSP Cashew Meal
  • 1 CUPS Almond Flour
  • 1/2 CUPS Flax Seed Meal
  • 1 CUPS shredded coconut
  • Sea Salt to taste
  • 3-5 dates (soaked for 5 minutes and pureed)
  • 4 CUPS Persimmon puree
  • GENEROUS drizzle of raw honey
  • 3 GRATED Apples


  • 1/2 CUPS Rolled Oats
  • Cinamon to taste
  • Coconut Oil


Mix all the dry ingredients together. Pour in the persimmon and date puree and honey. Mix well, and add the grated apples. (batter should be very moist) Shape into cookies and place on dehydrator sheets. Dehydrate at 115 degrees until the insides are no longer wet. (about 12-14 hours)

DSCF8306 copy DSCF8313 copy



Mama Bell


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Shalom Pod – The Urban Homestead

I was very honored and excited to have Anais Dervaes of the Urban Homestead join me on Shalom Pod this past week.   It was so comfortable to have her share about homesteading and enjoying fellowship in a very relaxing interview.

Hope you will enjoy listening to this sweet time, Anais of The Urban Homestead and I had.


Big Berkey

Also for all you “Off the Grid’ folks, consider purchasing a Berkey Water System from Healing Throughout.  Another way to have quality drinking water and to have it on board during those “just in case” times.  We here at Healing Throughout have one that we use faithfully at home and during out outtings.  I would encourage everyone to save up their pennies to have one for their family.

With a purchase of any of the Berkey Systems, you will receive a FREE Sports Berkey as a “Thank You” from Healing Throughout.

Shalom and Hugs,

Mama Bell!




Love is Stronger!

Healing Throughout is about Body,Mind, Spirit and Soul. We are Echad (One).  So some of these postings I post  are about our “insides” and what better way to fix those “insides” with worshiping the King of King.  He is faithful and so worthy to be praised. I can’t apologize for my fevor for the Lord.  He is everything to me. Oh to know Him…

I am so thrilled to have Jason Crabb on our Worship and Word Radio Station in a LIVE interview he did for us!  I am so blessed to worship the Father with some amazing musicians I can call my family that we have as believers, Jason Crab is no exception.  His love for Jesus (Yeshua) is written all over his face as he sings. Jason is annointed by the Father as He sings.  And the smile he carries radiates the Fathers heart and love for His people!  This song just overwhelmed my heart as I believe His Love is Stronger in ALL circumstances.

Enjoy worshiping with this video and listen to the interview with Jason Crabb and Scott Bell of Worship and Word Radio.

I know this blog is the perfect timing for someone in need-and know that I am one of those who are in need also. Be Blessed

Shalom (Peace)