Abundant Harvest Post!

Hello there..from time to time, I will be having AHO Scott Bell(hubby extradonaire!) guest post about the Abundant Harvest Hosting!  If you havent heard about this amazing California local CSA-ya all need to!

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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I want to thank you all for your support of local California farms.

After receiving a couple emails and some comments about the last 2 weeks deliveries, I have decided to write all you to discuss my experience with you. The comments range from quailty to quanity of produce.

First , AHO gives a 100% gaurantee on their product. If you are unhappy with anythingyou recieve you can email, call, or use the “how are we doing” link under where it says Past Deliveries within your account. AHO is more than happy to send replacements. Same goes for anything missing from your box. Simply contact them and they will send replacements on your next delivery.

Due to the heavy drought here in California, which is making very hard for farmers all over, California farms are struggling with the yeild on produce with affects us all. On Tuesday I spoke with another AHO host who has been involved with AHO for 6+ years. This is the first time that she has seen these types of issues. Yeah, we are all human, someone can miss putting strawberries in box when you are packaging 100 plus shares a day. But, bad product and lack of product are in a large portion to the drought.

My wife and I ran a co-op here in Apple Valley for 7 years, Bountiful Harvest and or Living Baskets. Our experience is that whenever the seasons change there is a lull in the amount & quanity of produce available. In the midst of the season there is abundance and and boxes are very full. As the season winds down the is a gap between summer and fall for example where the price goes up and the quality goes down. We ordered from the same distributor as Bj’s does here in Victorville and have seen this everytime the seasons change. For those who have been involved with a CSA or co-op you understand what I mean.

So we have two factors here that affect our produce shares, a heavy drought and the inbetween season. Please be patience as California is in a transitions in trying to overcome these obstacles which are part of life, and know that in time, as we get over this hump, it will get better! Hey the winter crops are coming in soon, your produce share are going to be lovely.

Please use the communication tools on the website available to you to provide feedback. AHO can then address these items and improve the service. Thank you all for our patience and support.

Your Host, Scott Bell

PS May I encourage you to PRAY for rain..our land needs it!

Homemade Sauerkraut

Well today was the day I decided to check my homemade sauerkraut that has been bubbling and brewing in my Harsch Earthenware Crock.

I put the organic cabbage in over a month ago, so it has defiinately fermented well..and may I say WELL.. Amazing flavor and taste.   I noticed that the longer I keep it in the crock the better the taste is,yet I was seriously craving some of it with our home made bone broth.  Oh the smell of my kitchen is beautiful, and with it being winter, a bowl of homemade bone broth and sauerkraut hits the spot.

I don’t really “follow” any recipe and just go for it,  I never make the same thing twice. So if it taste good, ya better have some, cause you won’t probably taste it again.  LOL  And this particular batch was divine!

Here is what I do:  Please make sure if you are wanting to follow a recipe, good ole google can help or get yourself a good read on fermenting foods.  Beware of following mine, remember I just wing it!

Mama Bell’s Recipe for Home made Sauerkraut:

4 Medium to large organic green cabbage, wash well and finely chopped length wise

4 TBS of pink Himalayan Pink Salt ea salt

Place in a large bowl and pound with a wooden tamper to break open the juices. (Great, if you have boys to have them do this part!)

Once the juice starts to form, place in the Harsch Crock.

Place stone inside,  put the lid on and add filtered water to the well

Cover and place in dark dry place for a couple of weeks or longer (I do about a month or more)

Make sure you add water daily to the well so the cabbage doesn’t dry out and start to mold. (Bummer if that  happens, esp after a month of waiting for the cabbage to ferment!



Here is where I got the Harsch Crock..great company!   http://www.wisementrading.com/foodpreserving/harsch_crocks.htm

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