Co-Op Story

The history behind our family community Co-Op’s!

Bountiful Harvest Co-Op 2006-2013

Living Baskets Co-Op 2010-2013

New Beginnings Co-Op 2017-present High Desert

New Beginnings Co-Op 2018 Northern Idaho

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Choosing to eat a high organic living diet means you may have to travel a distance to obtain it I am reminded of the Proverbs 31 vitreous woman who search high and far to get food for her family.  I was doing just that. And with a family of 6 it became and exhausting journey

With limited resources,  I was traveling one to two hours ‘down the hill’ (as we desert folks call it) to shop. Between packing up the whole family and gas prices grocery shopping turned into an exhausting day.

I was approached by a dear friend of mine to take over her small Co-Op of a few goods friends and start my own. RIGHT!  There was just no way I could take on such a task.  Finally, with much thought I, consulted with my husband and ultimately, prayed about it. I had no idea how to begin and having observed how much effort she invested into it, I felt I was not equipped to handle the responsibilities of such an undertaking. With the responsibilities are being a wife and mother I convinced myself this was not meant for me. Yet I knew the need to feed my family the best wholesome food that was nutritional dense for growing bodies , I layed down my agenda and pursued the undertaking in prayer.  I considered what the Bible says in Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me.” Encouraged, my journey began.

I contacted a wholesale organic distribution company as well as local farms requesting they make a delivery to my home for friends and family to pickup our group order.   I did my best to convince them there was a need here for organic produce and wholesome food in our area.   Raw dairy was also very much in demand, since the majority of the high desert was purchasing raw milk an hour or plus away.  . They refused. I persisted. They reasoned that the demand, as well as the gas prices, didn’t warrant the establishment of a new delivery route. Having done all I could, I committed my plans to the Yehovah and waited.

Finally, things started to change. Interest was sparked. Not just one farm decided to make the trip to the high desert, they all did! I was stunned! The telephone was a means of communicating with a variety of farms and health food advocates. The internet was also another device close to my

Everything we needed to set a Co-Op in motion came together: from people donating refrigerators, books for our member library, pens, paper, and even building supplies to convert our garage. Our garage was no longer being used to keep our cars, but a way for friends and family (no members), to pikc up their orders of produce shares, local meat,l raw dairy products and more.  Members donated their time and labor to help support this effort. Soon I developed a wonderful rapport with many farmers, businesses, and related organizations.

in 2012, we  moved into a building of our own.  The building is owned and driven by the  members who volunteer  their time. We pool our funds together and members pay “rent” from a small fee from the produce shares they order.   We now have a large following of members who participate and pick up organic and other wholesome, nutritional and local and organic food twice a month. C o-Op is full of life: members network with each other and we’re supporting local farmers and are making a positive contribution to our local community. With Yehovah’s  strength and blessing, we are looking forward to many more years of a Bountiful Harvest.

The exciting 5 years of Bountiful Harvest/Living Baskets Co-Op came to a close in the Spring of 2012 when our doors closed on our members of over 150

Currently at 2018,  Years have passed and our family went to a grieving process after the passing of our 5th child a boy.. Many years of needed healing and strength where needed to bring closer to this traumatic time in our lives.  The healing process to this day is still a part of us with Mama Bell dealing with health issues due to the stress of the death and just life in itself Much has happened in those 5 years that brought me to my current health which is slowly healing. I am  on a journey to recovery and ready to start a new adventure in building up a co-op again.  Our family thrives on eating a wholesome clean diet with organic and local fruits and veggies included This co-op is vital to my families health and mine  Hence New Beginnings Co-Op . The name say is all and is so appropriate for the new season in my families life and mine

Winter 2018 We will be leaving, after the sale of our home  and passing the baton to a dear young lady to continue New Beginnings  Co-op High Desert.  Many of the families who are with New Beginnings Co-Op High Desert  can continue ordering wonderful cases of  organic fruits and veggies

Spring 2018 Soon to start,which I am soooooooooooo excited about is New Beginnings Co-Op Northern Idaho community  Much is in the early stages  of the development of this co-op and I will keep you posted and I figure it all out myself!

We are truly appreciative to each and every one of you who I believe has been  handpicked to join our group and a community of fabulous families who truly have a passion for health and local farms and food. We share a common ground and in the times we are venturing into, communities are an asset. We need each other.

Cheers and Shalom to all.

Bon Appeite!

Mama Shalom  Bell