Eden’s Greens SUPER FOODS

Finally, a quality green drink that doesn’t smell like fresh lawn clippings or taste like pond water

Eden’s Greens:
· has NO genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)
· has NO irradiated ingredients
· has NO synthetic USP “vitamins”
· has NO added sugars or artificial sugars
· has NO added fillers, colors or preservatives
· has NO monosodium glutamate (MSG)
· is safe for diabetics, vegans, and gluten-free diets

***For those that need a gluten-free diet; the oat beta glucan in the formula was tested for gluten content. The result is less than 3 parts per million. In order for something to be called gluten–free it must be less than 20 parts per
million. There is nothing else in the formulas that might have any gluten issues.

***For all you health purists out there, yes we add natural flavors and stevia which is the secret as to why Eden’s Greens tastes so good. Without the flavors you go back to the pond water taste. The stevia (a sweet tasting herb with a low glycemic index that is safe for diabetics) finishes the great taste.




Eden’s Greens comes in three delicious flavors;
Mix with water not juice 
Mint                              Berry                                 Chocolate.

$39.95                          $39.95                                     $43.95               Prices DO NOT include shipping 

Our site is NOT set up for payment to purchase a jar of Eden’s Greens  Please contact me via email at support@healingthroughout,com or join our LOCAL N Idaho New Beginnings CO-Op to purchase and pickup!  Thank you

LOCALS only can pickup at our New Beginnings CO-OP please email me for an invite

Eden’s Greens is not all about the taste. Compare Eden’s Greens to any other green drink on the market and you will find it to be a very healthy choice indeed. 

Eden’s Greens is packed in a wide-mouth plastic jar with a measuring scoop and desicant packet inside, There are 30 servings per jar. The ingredients in Eden’s Greens come from all over the world, but is manufactured and bottled in the USA. 
Most green drinks mix vegetables and fruits in the same formula. Not Eden’s Greens; we use vegetables and berries. This is because fruits and vegetables require the body to utilize different enzymes to properly assimilate them, but vegetables and berries are another matter since they are enzymatically compatible, giving the body a better chance of utilizing the powerful nutrition in the product. Most green drinks taste so bad that the consumer will tend to use fruit juice to make it taste palatable, thereby fighting the formula even if it is all vegetables, and adding excess sugars that may not be desired. But Eden’s Greens tastes great mixed with just water.The product will not fully disolve as it has real vegetables and berries in the formula, so it may seem a little gritty as other green drinks are. These formulas are intended for about 8 ounces of water, but you may use more or less as desired for taste,  A shaker bottle with internal wire wisk works best for mixing. Some people like to make larger batches and refrigerate the remainder for later. This is a raw dried product and has a shelf life of about two years.  Best storage conditions are in a cool dry place, and refrigerated after opening.A word about other drinks that are fortified with “vitamins”; we don’t add these synthetic substances to Eden’s Greens. These are man made chemicals that man has decided to call vitamins, but they are incomplete and lacking the co-factors needed for the body. For instance, you will find something called ascorbic acid in many products that some will refer to as vitamin C. But this is a synthetic substance that man has decided to mimic; it is only one small element of the whole C complex.  Show me an ascorbic acid plant – there is no such thing. Instead we put rose hips in Eden’s Greens which is a plant high in the complete natural form of vitamin C, but we cannot say vitamin C on the label due to FDA regulations.



The chocolate Eden’s Greens is quite the mind bender! You would probably would never dream of adding real cocoa to your green drink, but you will be amazed that it is actually a green drink. Some will find they like it even better with milk or a healthy milk substitute. We are even getting reports of creative chocoholics making smoothies, frozen fudge-sickles, milk shakes, and with coffee for a mocha with Eden’s Greens chocolate formula. Now you can even get fussy children asking for something healthy, and of course you can indulge yourself as well without all the sugars that make other chocolate products unhealthy. 


About the Kosher aspects of Eden’s Greens: Although the product is not officially certified Kosher, all the ingredients are Kosher, the manufacturing facility utilizes all Kosher practices, but a Rabbi was not present to certify the product as Kosher during manufacture. Had a Rabbi been there to bless the process at the time of production, the final price would have had to be increased.

All information above was taken directly from Eden’s Greens site Thank you Craig!