A New Way to Camp…..

Oh, do i have some great NEWS for you .
My friend and sister Rebekah Garvin shared with me a while ago, after she posted about the  many chemicals, toxins and cancer causing ingredients in tents. Like I haven’t heard it all yet! Dear me….
I was floored, to say the least.   I am  a BIG Organic, NON GMO, bionically clean  food eating, essentials oils ,gut friendly, anti this anti  that Mama, and my research has taken me even farther with all the chemicals we not only put in our bodies with food,  but on our bodies.   Ponder that for a minute……
Brings me to my latest new product.  Canvas Camp 
I am so excited about sharing, as you will read here shortly by Rebekah about her experience with Canvas Camp  What an eye opener, as she shares about the importance of proper health care for her family and children.  I am on the same page as her, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.
We mama’s must be vigilant about the care of our Tribe. I have an higher authority to answer to!  And He loves me so…including my family and children
I have recently teamed up with Canvas  Camp to offer my online bloggin community a special discount for you and your family
Isn’t that AWESOME!?
So read the testimony by Rebekah below and then SCROLL way down for a few links about these amazing tents and the COUPON code that I would love to bless you with .
Word of Warning…..this offer Expires Dec 31 2019
For those still getting ready for Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles, What you waiting for????
Order YOUR Canvas Camp Tent  TODAY!!
Don’t forget the SPECIAL discount and promo code below before you check out! SCROLL to the bottom of this post!
 Rebekah Garvin shares……
I am in love with my new bell tent by Canvas Camp! As I am becoming more and more proactive in guarding my family’s health I began to suspect that I need to watch the ingredients of the products we use and not just what we eat. We haven’t had a tent for a long time because I decided I just couldn’t purchase a tent that has a label on it that says something like, “This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.”* Duh! Warned. We searched everywhere… REI and Cabella’s and almost every tent had this warning on the box. We left our in-person searching empty-handed. I don’t want that kind of material around my family knowingly –– I’d rather sleep outside by the campfire with the bears! But finally, before I went to the fabric store to buy my own fabric to make a shelter –– I again searched online for a tent to go care camping with this past summer. And I finally discovered Canvas Camp Bell Tent! Just plain cotton canvas without fire retardant. I was impressed with the company and their attention to quality and detail. They had a lot on their site about the concern many of us have about the chemicals companies use to make tents. They also impressed me with their quick shipping! I ordered on Sunday night. They had it to me by Thursday at no extra cost for our camping trip that started on Friday. Not only do I feel safe camping in the material, but I LOVE the design. HEAVY zippers! Insanely easy to set up! It is NOTHING like the complicated set ups we used to have. My husband is impressed with the quality and that says a lot –– he’s super picky. This tent reminds me of the 4 years my family and lived in a canvas (non treated) tipi. There is so much room in this tent. I’m really very happy with it and hope to use it for many many years! We’ve already used it 4 times this summer! The ones at WallMart are knock offs! Gotta pay money to get the real deal …. and this is the real deal. Yes, it’s heavy, but that’s to be expected! Means quality! Thanks, Canvas Camp!  https://www.canvascamp.com/en_us/sibley-bell-tent-size-comparison

*I found so many studies on flame retardant material. One was from https://www.adventure-journal.com/2019/05/mountain-hardwear-says-goodbye-to-flame-retardants-on-their-tents/……”It was an eye-opening study, released in 2016, that showed that not only are the chemicals present on the hands of people who set up tents, people sleeping inside them were also breathing in the flame retardant chemicals. Further, the chemicals’ composition and amount used varied, suggesting a haphazard use throughout the industry. According to the study, “application rates may not be standardized; application methods may not be adequately controlled, or other, novel [flame retardants] that were not assessed in this study are also being applied to meet the tent flammability standard requirements….These chemicals aren’t good for anybody, not the people making the tents and not for the end user either.”

Where you blessed and educated with her story!?
I, sure was…
Now, for that Special CODE
Are you ready!!!!????
HealingCamp19 that’s it!
Use this code with the links provided down below for you FIRST, second or third purchase of a Canvas Tent
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Here is the deal, if I sell 10 tents by Dec 31 2019 Canvas Camp will give me a GIFTED tent!  I am soooooo excited here! I would love your help and in turn I am helping you with this offer!  Lets get our families healthy together!
No matter the cost..IT IS an INVESTMENT to our FUTURE!!!
The code is good for 10% off any Sibley Ultimate, PRO, or ProTech from September 18th to December 31st 2019.
Don’t for get to use the code HealingCamp19 and get a 10 percent discount with your order
Lets BLESS each other!!!!
Shalom and Thank you!!!!!

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