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Tuesday on at Zephy’s Homestead are beyond packed with all sorts of projects and scheduled events. With life at the homestead,  being a mama, schooling my children, working on business, I just had to get my hands in another project.  Well, those who know me, know I have a hard time “letting go!” Especially to things that not only benefit our family, but the community as well!

Many of you know that we had a community served co-op, called Bountiful Harvest that lasted, oh, 8 plus years in the High Desert.  It was the best 8 years of my life! of the best. Getting married and having children are on the top of the list.  And of course surrendering to The Creator is tip top of the list!

I have always wanted to keep part of the co-op going by ordering case produce for a few of my close friends that I know would be blessed and appreciate the quality and freshness of organic produce. Mind you, this is not grocery shopping mentality. This is large volumes of produce that can be a bit overwhelming for some, but to those of us who have a high raw diet, or in my case juice fasting, buying bulk is the way to go. Plus the middle man is removed, and it is farm-to-consumer.

With so many ways I choose to feed and offer them healthy organic options, I need multiple sources to get my food! Gardening is the best and purest way, but sometimes having to wait until harvest can make tummies grumble a bit longer than needed. So with our AHO High Desert Box shares and now produce case ordering, my shelves and frig and well stocked and full to over flowing.

Mamas, like me thrive when our children and home are well in abundance. To open up the frig and see and over flowing of bountiful beauty and life, give this mama a good heart feeling inside. I am happy to know I am investing in the health of my children and family homestead for the years to come. I am eternally grateful to The Creator for blessing me a few good friends who such beauty in life giving foods you can see below,. The pictures don’t do justice. Seeing and tasting the real thing, can make any mouth water!

Enjoy the photos below.

This is what came today in our Produce Club delivery. Lovely isn’t it?

Have an amazing joyfully filled day!

See all my AHO peeps this afternoon with a selection of organic produce from above to purchase if you so choose to!

AHO High Desert Info Flyer

Shalom, Mama Bell

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