Back Yard Beekeeping-Desert Goldmine

Our family here at Healing Throughout just recently visited a High Desert Back Yard Bee Keeper that was referrred to us by a farm friend, Rowena of Moonstruck Farms.  We had the pleasure of meeting a nugget in the high desert that has an amazing raw local honey available to our community. I chalked this up to a family field trip and off we went, notebook in hand to learn about bee keepin.



Nestled in Phelan of the High Desert is the home of Glenn our backyard bee keeper.  You wouldn’t think of it from the front entrance this guy is making a goldmine of honey.  His set up is of high sanitary and his property if a festive of sorts of decor from old rustic antiques to a tiny home that serves his shop and office.(all made by himself)  I really like the set up he has, the tiny home office is a welcoming sight for anyone who sees.

A colorful home for bees.


The honey is gathered from the several bee hives he has set up on his property and this guy is the real deal.  No slipping thru the cracks here. He is on it when it comes to the finest of honey I have tasted. And I have tasted a lot in the years of serving our community thru bulk group buying!


Bright colored bee boxes to keep the bees happy and honey filled!


Purest and its finest!

We are currently taking orders for a 2 gallon bucket of pure local  honey. This  honey is raw, not pasteurized local of course and taste incredible! If you are in our neck of the desert, you can contact me here for details on how you can get on the list

Till then,

Shalom and hugs,

Mama Bell




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