Co-op Kale Chips

Many of you may know we use to coordinated a co-op/buying club for about 8 years here in the high desert, called Bountiful Harvest. We actually founded it and grew it to over 100 strong. I have to say those where the best years my family had serving our community  in orchestrating this group of some finest families and local farms. I learned so much about our food, where it comes from, how to grow it, that I now have the Homesteading bug!

I recently made kale chips with some of the leftover stock we had with our small group on Tues. Yes, I started back up again.  On a smaller scale, but this is how our co-op got started in the beginning. I do sure enjoy helping families get the best quality organic produce at a fraction of the price. Hard work? In deed it is. But Scripture says, You don’t work you don’t eat! 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Here’s to leftover kale

Enjoy the video below

And catch up on You Tube too!

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This is a simple way my family enjoys making Kale Chips. I know there are A  LOT of different kind of recipes out there.  Yet this one seems to work well for us

Hope you enjoy your next batch of raw kale chips

All the best,

Mama Bell


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