Flowering on the Homestead

Homesteading is A LOT of work. Early mornings and late nights preparing to tend to the outside world in your backyard. Well that is your TYPICAL homesteader. This mama is opposite. Late mornings, yawning as I milk our mini Nubian goat, hair all in a mess, children bopping around finding their latest Lego project in shambles, and no breakfast made till late afternoon. Well…give or take a few here and there!

I am not a get up and go when the rooster calls this homesteading mama. I have a variety of hats I wear. Running a small business, schooling my children, tending to the ins and outs of a busy family, gardening and pulling weeds, and so much more!  Be nice to start my day early, but with my current health I  am still not on board with a morning jump start, I ease my self into my day and start as best as I can.

Having a large clan here, is a BIG help!  All hands on deck. Although am I small compared to some of my Midwestern friends, even the little homestead we have surely keeps us busy!  There is always something to do.  Boredom is not an option here.

I am enjoying this years gardening. It has taken off very well. In spite of the water shortage (don’t get me started!) the Father has provided a way to make up for the difference. As you can see from these pictures below, everything looks healthy and lively!

I am currently looking for a someone to offer these beauties in exchange for herbal remedies or other homemade items. I am hoping to work with a few locals in our area to provide them organic herbs from starters. I have a lot more  planned for my herbal garden, and I am excited to get started late summer. Currently we are offering our herbs at the AHO pickups in our area.

DSCF4365Hyssop has begun to flower. I can’t wait to dry this herb.


Family favorite here…Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate.  A true beauty.


Com fry (a medicinal herb) is doing fabulous. Makes a great poultice.


Of course, the most popular herb of all…lovely lavender.

DSCF4376  Had to get a second photo of this beauty…lavender.DSCF4379

Our melons are coming up strong. Gonna have a BIG late harvest.


Found one this morning for a late breakfast. It was amazingly sweet!


Last years seedlings popped up for an early squash pumpkin harvest.


My 10 year old and I decided to grow gourds we can turn into birdhouse when they are harvested and dried. I saw some amazing pictures and they are beautiful!  Looking forward to this future project.

This was taken this past fall when our spring mix was amazing and so tasty!  I am hoping to grow them again in our green house.



Sunflowers are always part of our garden homestead.  I so enjoy the beauty of this beast! My neighbors know when we are gardening when they see the flowers bloom.

Our home has a seasonal landmark!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share with you our little family homestead!

Till then,

Shalom, Mama Bell

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