Growing Things

I truly enjoy Spring time on our homestead. The trees are blooming, babies are being born, and I choose to see green happen. Living in the desert can be tough when it comes to growing and having a garden; the elements make it hard to keep things alive. With lack of water, or the expense of city water, your romaine could just end up being the price of a diamond nugget. (well that’s a bit far-fetched, but you get where I am coming from)  I work hard to see life happen during this season. It makes me joyful and full of life to see things grow into a soon harvest.

Life on Zephy’s Garden Homestead has been busy this year. With caring to the daily duties and chores I have, keeping my seedlings and veggie starters happy  and alive takes time. (Yes, I do talk to my starters :)  They say it works, and by the pictures below, well you decide! My garden beds are doing very well. And I am looking forward to some amazing food come summer.

Every year for the past, oh I say five, I have been offering my seedlings  to our high desert community. Usually alongside our AHO pickup. Every Tuesday our Apple Valley members met at Desert Feed and pick up their produce boxes. Desert Feed has been so very kind to our family to allow us to have our AHO pickup at their business along with my starter plants at the shop. Come by and visit us!

Here are some of the photos of my seedlings and starters beginning to take life and soon to be food for many families including ours.

Aren’t these beautiful?! I love to see green life grow. Us desert folks don’t see enough of it.

Also for those of you who are in our High Desert community, consider participating with AHO -High Desert. Seasonal boxes from CA farmers.

And I have some good news!! Our mini-Nubian doe “finally” got pregnant! Boy has this been a year for her. With all the bucks she has at her beckon call, she just wouldn’t give in. So, then comes Sparky – a Nigerian buck, courtesy of Snowdale Acre Farms The romance began and kids should arrive early fall. Which means GOAT MILK soon! Oh, have we been waiting a long time!

Life will always be busy. This society is constantly racing and running at full speed. The old saying “stop and smell the roses” needs to be practiced more. I guess you can say I “stop and ground in the dirt.”

Thanks for enjoying life with us at Zephy’s Garden and Homestead


Mama Bell

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