Leftover Cookie Dough:)

Shalom and Good Day!

Got creative one eve and decided to make a late night snack and a video to share.  Had a fun time making these and they are tasty too!







Don’t ask for the recipe. haha…it is in my head!  I shared the recipe on the video, so do take notes. I didn’t make them super sweet, cutting down on all sugars here, and they do still taste good.  The chips if you are not local to our area, you can probably find them at any health food store.

Let me clarify and edit..I am personally not a coffee drinker, so when I said ‘I am not fond of Tonyan Coffee”, it wasn’t because I don’t like their coffee, it is just cause I don’t like coffee.  I totally support their business and family. They are a personal friends of mine..so please let them know Mama Bell from Healing Throughout referred you!

Here is their website http://www.tonyancoffee.com/


Mama Bell


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