Love is Stronger!

Healing Throughout is about Body,Mind, Spirit and Soul. We are Echad (One).  So some of these postings I post  are about our “insides” and what better way to fix those “insides” with worshiping the King of King.  He is faithful and so worthy to be praised. I can’t apologize for my fevor for the Lord.  He is everything to me. Oh to know Him…

I am so thrilled to have Jason Crabb on our Worship and Word Radio Station in a LIVE interview he did for us!  I am so blessed to worship the Father with some amazing musicians I can call my family that we have as believers, Jason Crab is no exception.  His love for Jesus (Yeshua) is written all over his face as he sings. Jason is annointed by the Father as He sings.  And the smile he carries radiates the Fathers heart and love for His people!  This song just overwhelmed my heart as I believe His Love is Stronger in ALL circumstances.

Enjoy worshiping with this video and listen to the interview with Jason Crabb and Scott Bell of Worship and Word Radio.

I know this blog is the perfect timing for someone in need-and know that I am one of those who are in need also. Be Blessed

Shalom (Peace)

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