Making Coconut Milk

I have been so blessed to start a small Co-Op again in our community for organic produce  It has been such life saver for this mama of 5 to order and have it dropped of at my front door. Not to mention the prices!!  Goodness!  The savings have been tremendous for the families including mine!   The variety we have been able to order is vast and bountiful. We are enjoying feeding our families high quality organic produce and food

I am always on the  hunt for organic coconuts. After making my first batch of coconut milk, I wont go back to store bought milk. It just isn’t the same. Making food from scratch is not only healthy for your family but it does save on cost. Especially if you are part of a group Co-Op

Some of the moms of the group have asked me to put together a video explaining how I make it. I am pleased to announce, we did!  It came out pretty cool, and the graphics where done by my eldest daughter. I am impressed and very happy to share this in house video with you.


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