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My Plexus Story……..

Time to get real, as I share my story of how this little Pink drink 🍷 was brought into my life.
It all started back in July 2015 when I was given a gift of a sign up and 3 month supply of Plexus TriPlex by a dear couple I have known for over 10 years, Erin Harrison Mark Harrison These two are my life source and team captains who POUR into my life and so many others!
I will NEVER forget that moment and I am forever grateful!!

I have struggled with list of health issues that I think stem back in utero as an infant, Between auto immune, hormone thyroid balances, adrenals depletion, viruses, infections (EBV Chronic Fatigue) continual MOLD exposure and digestive issues, a host of other symptoms along with menopause, my body gets hit rather quickly and recovery takes time .Much of my health changed in May 2012 when our 5th baby boy passed away and gently carried off to sleep in the Arms of My Creator.

The trauma and stress of his death along with grieving affected me emotionally and physically. My parenting skills where completely where non existent as I struggled to make ti through each day. I knew my body need optimal nutrition at a cellular rate so I could heal my immune system. Who would of thought, my GUT was so compromised?! I also know past symptoms were inflamed again, causing my body to hit menopause at an early age. I needed a change….and I needed it soon!

I have been on a multitude of products throughout my health journey, visited many Natural and Holistic MD and honestly I can say, it has helped me to recover, yet just for a season. And here is why, I never had enough.
I could never continue a program due to not having income tor it. I would go strong with taking all recommended and sticking to a program, and the following month it ended due to cost. The cost of staying healthy at times was keeping me at a state of being ill with constant symptoms reoccurring rather too quickly. Something has to change and change soon.

Enter Plexus.,,
Improvement begins.,,
RESTORATION is on its way…..
Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, was a joy to see and feel!

When the sign up with TriPlex was given to me as a gift, I was floored, and I pushed it away, knowing that I couldn’t possibly continue Plexus after their gracious gift would soon come to and end. Another dilemma hit with needing funds to cover cost. With my husbands consent, I gave it MY all and worked the business side of this amazing company!

I share the product with everyone I came in contact with (95% of my business, is done on Facebook and other social media). I gave most, if not all, of my Slim packets away, to start my team. I shared my up line story, since I didn’t have one of my own. I reached a goal and I went SILVER the first month! I was on to something BIG!

It was hard, consistent work, and I knew the pay off would be a domino affect for not just my health but for our finances. To have the freedom knowing I could continue taking these products and not have to worry about if and when the funds would be available or not, was a joyful feeling inside. The pressure was off and I could now have income for more than just products! I got some BIG goals here!

My products where paid off in the FIRST month and have been consistently for 3 years and then some. I truly enjoy working from home and keeping the plates I serve spinning well. Sometime one falls to the ground and breaks. I choose to reach down, grab a new plate and watch it spin in rhythm with the others It is about MINDSET! Getting back up when we fall! Choosing LIFE! Seeing the potential through Our Creators eyes

I was determined to share about the products even without seeing results. Really?? Come on now?? How can you share about a product without having results yourself?? You can!
For a long time, I used the testimonies of others to share the products with, until I had one of my own.
Hence the story you are reading now. I trusted in how The Father placed Plexus in my lap over 3 years ago and I can now see some of the “why’s” he did! So much more to come!

I have chose. to take my eyes off of myself and see the beauty of how Plexus has helped so many of my family and friends The people I do life with!
Isn’t that what LIFE is all about? Helping others reach their goals along side of yours?
I am currently a GOLD Ambassador and choosing to climb the rank ladder as it comes and have an amazing team. Filled with some beautiful people who love YHWH and want to make a difference in the lives of many, including their own!

What a tool Plexus has been to share health and financial freedoms to many! I give ALL esteem to My Heavenly Father who brought this little Pink drink in my life.

My health is soaring and my immune system is getting stronger each day. I am no where near physically and emotionally where I was 7 years ago.
This is a current photo for 2019 I still have way to go to get to my health goals and repair the breech. Yet I am confident that these products along with prayer and and amazing body my Creator made I will reach my health destiny one Pink slim and more at a time
Don’t get discouraged or quit!
I didn’t!
Stick with it and let your body heal from within.
It will!
Mine is 🙂
PS This homesteading mama has much work to do! I am beyond excited seeing the vision come to pass very soon!
PSS Our mindset is such a BIG factor in health and when one feels good from inside it can make a HUGE shift on how we think!
I even named my online site, what I need to hear for myself

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