Preparing for Winter on the Homestead

Shalom and Greetings!
Our family has been zipping around all day, moving as we prepare for the winter ahead. Much work to be done and goals to be set. We started off this morning, thanking Our Creator for His mercy and joy, and the ability to work with our hands. Something we should never take for granted.
Winter is fast approaching and it is getting a bit chilly out side. Here in the high desert, season can come swiftly and there isn’t much time to prepare. So, when the sun is shinning bright out side,we take advantage of it and get out side and get busy. Milking when it is COLD outside is miserable. We knew it was time to update our goat pen to accommodate all the ladies and my shepherdess daughter.
Papa was a gem, and did all this labor for FREE. Well, I made him lunch.🥕 Feeding his hungry tummy was partial payment!  He had energy this morning despite a long night celebrating with friends at Sukkot and zipped thru this task in no time. Drinking his pink was essential in giving his body what he needed to make it thru the morning. And with all  the scraps we had around our property the supplies cost us nearly nothing, which made Papa very happy. 😊
My does are happy, my daughter is thrilled with the winter set up, and hubby is looking fine out there working on our homestead.
A very happy mama indeed!
P.S. and of course, Vagr did exceptionally well with his babies We are very impressed with his sweet personality and his patience with them. But Vagr was unfortunately given back to his owners. Hoping to find a suitable family to be with. He is an exceptional Gampr dog, with fantastic abilities as a live stock guard dog. He will make a great addition to a homestead or farm.
Hope you have an amazing rest of your day
Mama Bell, here bids you Shalom

Papa building a gate for our goat pen. Make live much easier with the new added fencing.

Vagr getting a quick hello from Papa

Family team works make life on a homestead much more easier. Community living at its finest

 Serun  keeping guard by the goat pen on a sunny desert day

Goat barn just about done. Last minute touches and the ladies have shelter for winter

Pink kept my man up and running while working hard. Fussed with pre and pro biotic to bring life to his gut and immune system. #Realmendrinkpink And this Papa sure does!

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