Rainbow Super Food

Many of you have asked what I consume as a raw vegan (I do have some lightly steamed and cooked yams and potatoes)  and my latest concoction of super living foods.

I LOVE my greens!!!  And yet I have found living in the Pacific Northwest, organic produce and  greens are hard to come by and pricey!!!  Not to mention how much I eat just for myself and not including my Tribe of 7.

Enter New Beginnings Co-Op.  That’s for another post coming soon!

For now, here are my contents of Rainbow Super Foods,  I take this daily in my green smoothie or just in some plain pure water.

Hopefully I will have this  available for our Co-Op participants at New Beginnings Co-Op


This recipe is made with love and my personal dosages :)

You can mix and match, add and subtract ingredients to your liking

Have FUN!

EQUAL portions of ( I use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of each of the following super foods, seeds and herbs)

Turmeric Ginger Cayenne Nutritional Yeas Beet Ashwagaandha Diatomaceous earth Green Tea Cinnamon  Zeolite Milk Thistle Chorella Spirulina Maca Chia Pumpkin Hemp Sunflower Seeds Nettle Red Raspberry Peppermint Chamomile

All ingredients are  certified organic and in powder form or added to a coffee grinder to get the powder consistency.

So far, that is all I have added to my mix.  I am hoping to add more to it in time.

Once you have all your powders you can add them one at a time in a glass mason jar and make a cool rainbow effect. Shake well. Add a Tsp to 1 Tbs in your morning smoothie or veggie juice


Stay and be healthy


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  1. You rock! I am so thankful you posted this, as I often wondered what on earth you eat. I am going to look into making this. Thank you Mama Bell.

  2. Thank you Adriana. Wish I could just buy a bottle full and go from there. I drink a green drink every day so this would be great.

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