Ronan The Baby Seal

Hello, my name is Halaya. I am the forth child of the Bell Tribe, and I am going to tell you a GREAT story!! !How I got Ronan!! (Also know as Baby Boy) Are you ready?

About two months ago, my mom and I went to the store. At our last stop, I asked my Mom if we could go to the animal shelter? She said that we could..

All that day, I was praying that there be a Russian Blue at the shelter. My mom and I believed YaH and trusted Him for an answer.
When we got there, we went into the cats area, and asked the lady that works there, if they had any Russian Blues?

The animal staff said ,that they have one, but they couldn’t specify the breed. My mom and I didn’t understand that, yet we trusted YaH if there was a Russia Blue, Abba would have my cat there. I walked into the room, and when I saw him, I fell in love.
HE WAS SOOO CUTE! I asked my Mom if I could get him, she said that she had to ask my Dad first.

My Mom called my Dad and he said I could get him!!!!

And that’s the story….

I prayed and got what I asked for!!! This has been a long long time of waiting. I saved all my money from the time I was five and paid for Ronan all on my own So he truly is all MINE!

I even work for my our family business and my moms Plexus business with computer graphics and do extra chores at home to pay for feed, kitty litter or whatever else Ronan might need, I am his owner and he is my responsiblility.

Three people I want to thank~
~My Mom and Dad

Why did I have to get a Russian Blue??? My Mom is allergic to cats. Russian Blues are hypoallergic and are truly a beautiful breed

Written by Halaya Bell

Edited by Mom

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