Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds…

What an amazing winter we are having.  It sure feels like this year has been one of the coldest and wettest seasons we have had in a long, long  time  And The RAIN..oh, The RAIN….I am so thankful for the RAIN!  That may sound trivial, but for us Californians, we are surely thrilled,we got rain and plenty of it!  I know this Mama for sure is, No complaining here!

We have been in need of a wet winter due to the long drought our state has had. With water restrictions and limits on how much water your garden can have, my prayer is that this recent rain will give us homesteaders and gardeners some much need water and an enjoyment in gardening again. It is hard when you are limited, it can take the joy of seeing life appear. Yet I am thankful!

Do you know that we should never curse the rain or say anything negative about it?  Those words can and will come to pass in time. Scripture exhorts us to

If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them;Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Leviticus 26:4-5

The Creator made rain for our advantage, to  nourish and to clean the land.  Rain is a blessing!  A refreshing time of newness. to clean out the impurities that we breathe and to make the land clean and new. I am thankful we have had a WET season.

I am also very excited about my garden this year. I was blessed to have seeds donated to our community garden that we are hoping to start up again this year. Not sure on how big or small of a scale we will have, whether raise beds or rows, but I do know it will be something. And something special indeed!

Look at them seeds I got! Now, if that isn’t a favor from My Heavenly Father.  I am humbled and blessed by both Baker Creek Heriloom Seeds and High Mowing Organic Seeds for their donation to our community garden. I am just in awe of what came my way in a package just this past week.

I hope to plant some beautiful beds and rows of edible greens, squash, herbs, lettuce and more! Some of the seeds I have never even heard of. Those will be fun to  plant with my children.

Enjoy the photos of our blessed seeds

Happy Spring Gardening…

Lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce..

Of, course, GMO FREE Seeds!

Some new variety to plant this year… interesting seed, isn’t it?

The famous summer cucumber….We love our cukes!

An airplane view of the variety sent to us. Just  makes your mouth water and brings about a happy dance!  Ya, I am weird!


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