Shabbat Day Hike

With the weather changing here in N Idaho, the snow has melted and Spring has sprung.  Means A LOT to the Idahoans up here.

First bucket list to do is, GARDENING!  Get them seedlings and seeds out on the land and wait for harvest. We have been doing much of that here .

Yet this blog post is not about gardening, maybe a photo or two, check out our You Tube channel for more on our gardening adventures.  I like to share with you our recent hike we had as a  large family gathering for Sabbath

Many of us are scattered aboard and times like these sure make up for it.  I LOVE our extended family, who many here have been part of our journey to N Idaho  Abba knows His people need to gather and be in community  I know it makes His heart smile as His children spend quality time together on Sabbath.  And, why not a better get-together than on a HIKE !  His creation is vibrant in these settings and the atmosphere shouts His name

Our fellowship as a body was rich with laughter, sharing life, scripture, a knee scrap or two and some wild adventures The Creator brought beauty and a sense of His creation as we made our way on a unknown path 

The day went by slow and quick. If that makes any sense. We all got our workout in and our hearts where exercised with a dose of His Word.   More times like these are needed to refuel for the coming week ahead   Till then. enjoy these photos as much as I did, by experiencing them first hand!

Blessings and Shalom

My medicinal herbs are doing very well. Son to plant outdoorsWe had a gorgeous visitor along the way The power of this waterfall was breathtaking I have never lived somewhere with this much water! Powerful!
Family enjoying a hike stroll together. A high five is in order at the river  Cousins staying true Sisters in Messiah.   A long time re unite  Beautiful young ladies  The family!  Followers of The Way  Love this group


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