Rescue/Adopt a Gampr

Owning an Armenian Gampr is not for everyone. As gamprs mature, their natural aggression and guarding ability often takes owners by surprise, and can be particularly problematic if being raised in a city environment. Puppies can chew and be unintentionally destructive. Farms get sold, and the working gampr is suddenly out of work. There are many reasons why an adult gampr may need to be rehomed or surrendered to rescue. Sometimes it is through no fault of the dog’s, and sometimes the dog has some history of bad habits that need to be resolved.. If you have a gampr that you would like assistance in rehoming, or would like to help with fostering or adopting a gampr, please contact us! When a dog has been rehabilitated and is available for adoption, it will be posted to this page.

Look at that face! Is there anyone out there that has the love and patience for Leia? She is an excellent guard dog, loves the goats, warms up to people slowly and loves to sing along with the evening train. She is a foster for us and just needs a chance to bond with someone. Last summer we took her in and at first, she would just hide in her dog house and was scared of everyone. Now she loves to run and play. She is fixed already through Labrador and Friends. She is an older girl that really deserves a chance. Unfortunately, due to my health issues, she needs a place where she will get more one on one attention. Please share this with friends or groups you know might be interested. Ideally, we would love to have someone able to visit her on our property to get acclimated.